Different types of orgasm

Sex is all about having fun and exploring how different sensations stimulate our bodies. And so most associate it with anal and vaginal penetration. However, you can reach sexual pleasure through different types of play, which will, in turn, result in different types of orgasms. Understanding what feels good is an essential part of having the best possible sex. So, let’s see how different orgasms vary from one another and how you can reach them.

Clitoral orgasm

Clitoris, the pea-sized female sex organ, placed above the vaginal canal and under its clitoral hood, is a girl’s jewel between her thighs. It’s just like a tiara on top of the prom queen when it comes to sex and pleasure. This is a simple organ that only has one purpose — providing pleasure. Some theories suggest that it’s a past relic that has lost its function during evolution, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s key to sexual intercourse and solo play.

The reason why we hold it so dear is the fact that by playing with it, a woman can reach heaven. Ways of stimulating it can vary from person to person, but it’s the only guaranteed way of reaching a climax. This precious thing consists of about 8,000 joyful nerve endings, making it the most sensitive part of the female body.

From sex toys designed just for clit play to your fingers or your partner’s tongue, you can experiment with your clitoris, unlike with any other erogenous zone on your body. In case you’re new to this idea, we suggest that you try out a bullet vibrator or a pussy pump. Both will help you understand clitoral orgasms and how great they can be.

Vaginal orgasm

Vaginal intercourse is often thought of as the easiest way to reach sexual pleasure, alongside anal sex. But in truth, most women find it hard to reach an orgasm through penetration. The best way to do so is to aim for the G-spot. Yup, the famous and mythical spot on the front wall of the vaginal canal is where the fun is when it comes to vaginal orgasms. When you find it, try pressing it with slight force, and you’ll soon find yourself in heaven.

What’s great about vaginal orgasms is that they can lead to female ejaculation. This form of sexual stimulation will trigger Skene’s glands that sit on both sides of the urethra. As such, you can experience what few women do — shooting jizz-like liquid straight from your love hole. And yes, it does happen outside porn if you practice.

Anal orgasm

Like we’ve said, a classic way to reach an orgasm besides vaginal is anal penetration. This type of pleasure is something else. Unlike other kinds of orgasms, the anal one will make your whole body feel like it’s going through another dimension. It’s intense, powerful, and almost otherworldly. But how do you reach it?

There are two simple ways to experience backdoor fun. Firstly, you can rub the edge around your rectal opening (fingers or sex toys). On the other hand, there’s always penetration. You can probe your butt hole with a toy or finger or have your partner do it. If you’re looking for sex toys, we recommend the website lovegasm.co, which sells high-quality toys to help you explore and enjoy anal play. These rude boys know their butts better than any penis out there.

A great thing about anal orgasms is that they’re not exclusive to women. Men get off on being penetrated too. With pegging or prostate massagers, guys will experience one hell of a climax if they play with their anus. The reason for this is that their prostates are in close link with their rectal canal. Penetrating them will push against the anal walls and press their equivalent of the female G-spot, resulting in cum galore.

Nipple orgasm

You’re probably aware that there are numerous erogenous zones on your body, and one of them is your nipples. Nevertheless, most people don’t know that stimulating them can result in a powerful orgasm. Since they’re so sensitive, there’s a whole set of possibilities you can explore. They can, in turn, improve your sex life by miles.

The simplest way of reaching it is if you pinch, bite, or suck on them. However, if you don’t have large breasts, the last suggestion can often be hard to pull off alone. But there’s a solution. If you’re single and all by your lonesome, you can use special sex toys that are designed for nipple stimulation and powerful orgasms — nipple clamps.

These rascals will restrict the blood flow to your nipples, making them sensitive and hard. When you remove them, the rush of blood will overpower you with a strong feeling of fulfillment. This type of play is usually seen in BDSM communities, but it doesn’t have to lead to any rough sex if you’re not into it.

On the other hand, you can play with your breasts by stimulating your senses. Namely, by rubbing ice cubes against the tips of your nipples, you will make them hard and ready for all sorts of kinks and fetishes. Nevertheless, the best way to go about nipple orgasms is if you combine them with other stuff like clitoral or vaginal stimulation.

Blended orgasm

Since we’ve briefly mentioned pairing two orgasms, it’s only fair to explain what it is and how you can pull it off. So, to reach a blended climax, you can simultaneously stimulate your clitoris and your vagina. It doesn’t have to be in the same motion, so you don’t have to maintain any particular rhythm. The point is to do whatever feels best for you and your partner if you’re not single.

Of course, blended orgasms can come from any combination. They don’t require you to play with your clit and vagina. It’s just the most common way of achieving it. Also, it can lead to female ejaculation more easily than anything else. The reason being that you’ll be stimulating your clit and G-spot, which are the most sensitive parts of any female’s body.

Still, no matter what kind of orgasms you try to blend, it’s important to experiment. The strongest sensations always come from mixing different acts and motions, so you should explore your body whenever you feel like it. Try toys, different positions, or even kinks and see what feels best. Everyone’s body has unique quirks that require you to loosen up and be a bit more imaginative than usual.